InFocus IN24 vs ViewSonic PJ503D DLP Projector Review

Hi! I want to share my experiences about InFocus IN24 DLP Projector . I’ve been using this puppy since 2007. To summarize my whole experience in a few words, I can say that it is worth every single penny I paid!

I used to watch cable TV prior to having this projector. I liked it too but the underlying reason I wanted to get a projector was that I couldn’t get the full taste of watching a movie because there is a lot of commercials on TV and most commercials are about products that I don’t need at all! Apparently they waste my time. Hooking a laptop and being in charge feels much better.

The big picture size with the projectors was one of the most appealing things to me. I was kinda going between a large screen HDTV and a projector at the time; I said to myself that the projector will give a larger screen size – even bigger than the largest HDTV in the market.

Black Friday 2016 note on projectors: It’s been a while since I’ve originally written this post, there are many established and new brands in the market and the price margin seems to have come down from $600 range to less than $200 bracket or even less than $100 for some units. The features to look for now would be Wireless support along with HDMI, 120 Hz (3D may not be so necessary), SmartPhone, Playstation, XBOX, Wii, Laptop, Blu-Ray player, or a surround sound system as the projector’s own speakers would be very weak in terms of sound. This Epson 1771W PowerLite WXGA Wireless Projector is looking like a still expensive high end projector with wireless support for smartphones.

The other reason I chose to buy a projector is that I used to move a lot. So I needed something light to carry in case I needed to move.

Home Theater: This projector comes with a small built-in speaker on it. But it’s not a good idea to use it. I went forward and got this Philips HTS3555 Home Theater System with a 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround on a black Friday so that I can complete my home theater system at home. It was also a great value to me with all the 5.1 Dolby, HDMI, USB, DivX and iPod connectivity features…

Next, I subscribed to Blockbuster Total Access to feed my DVD Player and the projector. Basically, I create a queue of movies and they keep coming to my mailbox. This way I don’t have to stop at the Blockbuster shop each time to change a DVD but I can still o change it from the store if I want to.

Coming back to the projector, from a technical perspective this projector utilizes DLP technology (thanks to Texas Instruments for developing this technology). DLP means “Digital Light Processing” btw; basically it enables a very powerful light source from the projector, that’s why even when the lights are on inside the room, it is possible to clearly see the picture. Prior to DLP, the picture looked washed out unless you completely black the place out. So I made sure to get a DLP projector.

Connect laptop: Sometimes I just plug my laptop to it thru the S-Video and watch YouTube or videos from other sources.

Watch DTV: The best experience I’m recently having with this projector is watching DTV on it! (Back to the TV but mostly for NBA and experience Digital TV thru broadcast) You already know about the transition to the digital television (DTV) and the $40 government coupons for a converter box right? So I got a converter box with one of these coupons and just plugged the cable from the converter box to the projector (my good friend’s idea 🙂 ). I’m so happy about this setup. It is fun to watch TV on a home theater system with the full picture size spanning the whole side wall. Many stations had already started broadcasting digital at the time so I watched many NBA games and I can’t explain how great it was!! Here is a short vid for you:

Later on, my friend also purchased a similar projector; ViewSonic PJ503D Portable DLP Projector so I took some time to review its features, picture quality and all. I’m listing some of the technical features of these puppies here.

InFocus IN24 1700 Lumen SVGA 800 x 600 DLP Video Projector

InFocus IN24 DLP Projector

  •      SVGA (800 x 600) display resolution
  •      1700 ANSI lumens
  •      2000:1 contrast ratio
  •      Plugs into any source – TV, laptop, PDA or DVD – with no extra equipment


ViewSonic PJ503D Portable DLP Projector - 1,500 ANSI lumens, 2000:1, 800x600 SVGA

ViewSonic PJ503D – Portable 1080i DLP Projector


  •      SVGA (800 x 600) display resolution
  •      1500 ANSI lumens
  •      2000:1 contrast ratio.
  •      Plugs into any source – TV, laptop, PDA or DVD – with no extra equipment
  •      Advanced Image Processing and support for 720P AND 1080I Signals.


I took two pictures of the same scene from the movie; one with my Infocus IN24 and one with the ViewSonic PJ503D with the following setup.

Proj_Tests 007_s


Picture Quality (PQ):

Picture Quality is a subjective matter so I leave it up to you to decide for yourself. These photos are taken with the standard setting but the color temperature etc. can be adjusted on the device.

  •   Picture using InFocus IN24 – Colors are cool, higher picture quality compared to PJ305D.


  • Picture using ViewSonic PJ503D – The colors are more realistic and natural, however a picture is degraded a little bit.


I’m not using any projector mount or a projections screen; the projector just sits on the table and I just project the picture to the wall directly. My wall even has a dark brown color but it doesn’t matter for me because the DLP feature just beats the color of the wall. Still, a projector mount and a projection screen are good to have stuff and don’t cost much. Hanging a projector would absolutely keep the heat and the noise from the fan away.



Seeing each person in the show close to their real sizes in life… Feels like they are at home with me… Not all of the TV sets enable all these privileges. But… Projectors do!…

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