iPhone 4 Review

Hello everyone! I have been using iPhone 4 32GB model for about one month now and would like to share my thoughts about it.


Great screen resolution

Great picture quality

Great HD video quality: It’s really fun to record videos with iPhone 4. The big screen with the retina resolution gives an unbelievable recording experience because the picture is clear and the details are clear while recording.


Dropped calls: I purchased this iPhone 4 knowing this issue. I thought it would be very rare and would not affect me but it did. I had to call back my family 3 times one day because it got disconnected all the time.

Battery Life: This is really bad. I have to recharge it every day and have to keep a charger everywhere; at home, at work, in my car… It drains within 24 hours. I make a few short calls everyday and maybe one long call in the evening. I keep 3G on all the time and watch videos for up to 1 hour a day and check my emails as well. I understand this is a smart phone but in the old days phone battery would last for 10 days!

Compass: I find it very unreliable. It gets a lot of interference and gets stuck easily even though I rotate the phone in another direction.

No direct way of setting an MP3 as ringtone

Voice Dialing: Unreliable. I have many contacts from different nationalities. The voice control gets the name wrong and not only calls the incorrect contact but does not verify the name as well before calling.

Hopefully Apple makes a better phone next time whether iPhone 4G or iPhone 5 but this one is still great. I’m also looking very eagerly to see how the upcoming Windows Phone 7 will perform!

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