Legally Unlocked and Never Locked iPhone 3GS

Wondering how to own an original iPhone 3GS by Apple,

  • without voiding its warranty
  • that is not locked to AT&T network
  • and by not signing a 2-year contract with AT&T?

Here is the quick and direct answer:

iPhone 3GS 16GB iPhone 3GS 16GB – Unlocked
iPhone 3GS 32GB

And here are some excerpts from the testimonials from those who have used Unlocked iPhones ( For our consumer conscience, US Courts have also ruled that unlocking is legal):

When I got my phone I was so nervous whether or not ITunes was going to “lock down” my phone and boy was I relieved when it automatically unlocked my phone and it detected my phone provider!

It arrived within a week and was in OEM packaging. Plugged it into the computer and everything worked great. Registered the product on line and even received a thank you email from apple for registering the product. A week into using the phone I have no complaints. No contracts, multiple providers…..


You will have the freedom to use these iPhones on any GSM network other than AT&T, such as T-Mobile. — See my note about Verizon and Sprint (*)

The warranty will ensure you are covered under the Apple warranty.

And even if you would like to use AT&T network with this phone, you don’t have to sign that 2-year contract. This means,

  • you may switch freely across the GSM providers as much as you like without paying a penalty for early termination.
  • you don’t need to continuously pay for the data plan ($30 per month). This is especially good for people who have wireless internet access (Wi-Fi) at the workplace and home and who know how to come back from work to home without needing the GPS feature of this phone.

Of course, all this convenience comes with a little bit additional price but if you think the convenience is worth the extra cost, you just found your deal!

More on Context:

For the readers who are new to the context, the term ‘locked’ means the phone is ‘locked’ to a particular network (such as AT&T) so it’s not possible to use it with other wireless networks (such as T-Mobile).

The term ‘unlocking’ means, enabling the phone to work in cellular networks other than the one it is originally ‘locked to’.

There are some ways to ‘unlock’ a phone by hacking the phone software but these methods are not legal and the warranty becomes void in that case.

So, many buyers look for phones that are unlocked but at the same time, have a valid warranty.


*(In case you’re wondering if these iPhones will work on Verizon Wireless and Sprint, the answer is they won’t because Verizon and Sprint are not GSM networks, they are rather CDMA networks. No one can make an iPhone 3GS work on a CDMA network, because iPhone 3GS is designed for GSM networks only)

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