TiVo Premiere Review

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Finally, the new TiVo Premiere and Premiere XLmade it to the market this March 2010. From a high level review perspective, it’s a great step up from the previous boxes Tivo HD and Series3 in terms of HD video recording capacity (up to 150 hrs!), the full HD support for Blu-Ray quality videos (1080p), the new HD user interface, and many other cool features. Browsing was made easy by displaying TV & Movie posters rather than only plain text. Other new features like the one-click 30-second scan feature, suggestions for similar shows on the Discovery Bar, continuous live video on the menu screen, Disk Space Meter and the Energy Star® compliancy are the added features on top of the previous model.

TiVo Premiere User InterfaceIn addition to recording TV from the cable, the TiVo Premiere still integrates with video on demand services from Netflix, Blockbuster On Demand® and Amazon VODand brings the huge movie libraries from these providers to your TV through the broadband internet connection. This means no need to deal with DVD’s any more. Watching YouTube is also possible so this DVR box has all the effort to bring your video on your TV. With the “Take Your Shows with You” feature you can load the shows on your iPhone, iPod, PSP, laptop and other devices.

The Premiere XL reaches up to 150 hours of HD recording time and it comes with premium features of THX® digital audio certification and the premium backlit remote control –great ease of use when the room is dark.

TiVo Premiere DVR and remote
The TiVo Premiere DVR works on Comcast, Time Warner, Dish Network, DirectTV, Verizon FiOS TV and many more. All you need to do is to get a cableCARD from the cable company (for a very small monthly fee) and insert it to TiVo.  As of this posting, the TiVo Premiere sells for $299 and the XL for $499, plus a monthly service for around 10 bucks. It’s a known fact that many cable providers also provide a DVR box (with an additional fee) however it’s the best thing to do to let the cable company provide your TV service andlet the DVR company who has thought and advanced only the DVR experience provide the DVR service!

Editor’s final note: If you are still using the old VCR and the loads of cassettes, you MUST switch to TiVo DVR immediately! Do this favor to yourself and start scheduling your recordings even from your cell phone and the internet (other than the device itself). If you have experienced previous models of TiVo, consider the new features built around an amazing HD experience. Don’t miss theFREE shipping deal and you may return it within 30 days if you don’t like…

Here is the summary of features for the New TiVo Premiere DVR:

TiVo Premiere is much more than a DVR. It’s a cable box, a web box, a movie box, and a music box – all wrapped into one amazing, easy-to-use device. Imagine everything you love from TV and the web brought together in one place, all easy to search and explore, all displayed on a breathtaking new HD interface. More innovation. More discovery. More fun.

It’s a cable box. It’s a web box. It’s a movie box. It’s a music box.
• Record up to 45 hours of HD programming
• Fully supports 1080p and 1080i HD formats
• Reinvented, visually-stunning HD interface
• Connects to your cable service and replaces your cable box
• Enjoy the world’s largest on-demand video library
• Live video window lets you watch while navigating HD menus
• Discovery Bar displays intelligent recommendations
• Find and play videos from YouTube
• Find and play music from Rhapsody, Music Choice and more
• Instantly watch HD movies & TV shows from Netflix
• Download HD movies from Amazon Video On Demand
• Rent movies on your TV from BLOCKBUSTER On Demand®
• Schedule recordings on the web or a mobile phone
Premiere XL: Up to 150 hours of HD plus THX® certification

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