Verizon High Speed Internet Review

Verizon High Speed Internet is a digital subscriber line internet service that operates through the traditional phone lines. The service is also known as Verizon Online DSL. Verizon has been replacing this service with the fiber optic network across the nation however it still continues to be available in many markets. This review of Verizon DSL service covers the features, available speed options for basic and enhanced speeds and advantages that come with the subscription.

Let’s start with a quick technology recap: Verizon High Speed Internet reaches your computer by connecting a DSL modem in between your computer and the phone line jack. The modem communicates to the closest Verizon internet service center and connects you to the web. The speed of the connection depends on the subscription you’ve agreed to and the available speed options in your region.

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One of the advantages of subscribing to a DSL service is the dedicated channel between your modem and Verizon data centers. In cable internet however, the connection is shared in the neighborhood – results in a slow down in peak hours. Another inherent advantage of the DSL service is that you can use the phone and the internet at the same time without any interruption. This meant a lot to the customers that switched from the old dial-up internet service, especially when DSL was becoming popular. If you would like to connect your laptop, tablet PC, iPad or smart phone wirelessly just like many other people, you may order a wireless gateway thru the Verizon website. The wireless gateway complies with the 802.11n specifications so you may achieve the highest speeds possible on the wireless as well. The wireless router provides firewall protection so your network is secure against many internet threats.

Couple of more advantages with Verizon’s Online DSL: Wi-Fi Access around the hotspots (in the airports, hotels, cafes etc) with one of the Enhanced plans, ESPN3 to watch sports online and more premium features. Verizon has moved away from offering DSL only service, known as dry-loop or naked dsl so expect to select a phone service as well, if you don’t already have a phone service with Verizon. You may qualify for a $24.99 activation fee waiver with HSI Enhanced when you order online. The speeds of Verizon DSL service ranges from 0.5 Mbps to approximately 15 Mbps, enough for various needs ranging from simple internet access to online gaming, watching videos and social networking.

Verizon DSL Package Download Speed Upload Speed
HSI 0.5 to 1Mbps 384 Kbps
HSI Enhanced 1.1 to 3 Mbps 384 to 768 Kbps
HSI Enhanced 3.1 to 7 Mbps 768 Kbps
HSI Enhanced 7.1 to 15 Mbps 1 Mbps

verizon dsl wireless modemI ordered a variation of this package for $19.99 with 1-year contract August ’09. Would get the 3 months free deal if I had a Verizon phone service. No big deal, still great price. Within a few days after online ordering, Verizon mailed a package including a wireless modem (shown in the picture) and related documents. I did the setup myself. It was quite easy. Power on, plug the supplied wire to phone jack, connect the computer to the wireless gateway with the access code and just type an address on internet browser. The browser automatically redirects to Verizon address for provisioning the line. Fill in the required information on the web site, setup your e-mail address, choose other options and it was ready in about 10 minutes. I tested the speed at, it was exactly the promised speed (1.02 Mbps down / 0.384 Mbps up) The modem shown on the picture is a wireless modem (its antenna is internal) so the laptop is not attached to any cables. The standard modem was free and this one was ~ $15 extra so just chose this upgrade while ordering online. Otherwise a wireless router would cost for at least 40 to 50 bucks from Bestbuy.

I hope this review was helpful. And remember, Verizon has even deeper discounts for bundled services if you’d like to add a TV (such as DirecTV) or a phone service on top of the internet service. Check out full details, options and the legal disclaimer at

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