Windows Phone 7 Review

The long waited Windows Phone 7 is finally here! Is it better than iPhone and Android? Is it more convenient to use? Does it have cool apps? How about social networking? All we will discover in a little bit.

Microsoft has already set the minimum we will get from Windows Phone. A GPS, a capacitive screen with multi-touch, at least 1 GHz processor, at least 5 megapixel camera with LED Flash and a dedicated camera button, compass, accelerometer, proximity, light sensors and more. With the Capacitive screen we don’t have to pressthe screen, just touch it lightly.

“Get to everything you love. Easier and faster” With this slogan, Microsoft claims that we can do things in less steps than other smart phones. Microsoft also claims we just need to glance at the screen, not stop and stare. Hope this helps drivers in traffic!

Microsoft organized the screen using the Live Tiles concept. The tiles are really live! They constantly pull updates from the web like game and friend status, news or weather updates. Similarly the Picture app will not be just a button to press, it will display a picture on the start screen.

Other major features of Windows Phone 7 are; the People hub featuring Facebook, Pictures hub, Music + Videos hub, Office Hub, Games hub featuring XBOX Live and Marketplace hub.

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